Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How to study better, ace your test, and get straight A's

Here’s some tips from ehow (and myself) to help you study more efficiently.

How to study better:

How to ace your next text

  • Start studying early.

  • Focus on material you know will be in the test.

  • Take deep breaths while you’re taking the test.

  • Have your pens and stuff ready the day before.

  • Read the questions at least twice.

  • Look over your answers before leaving the test.

  • The day before the test, condense your notes into a summary.

  • Read your summary on the way to the test.

  • Leave questions that you find difficult and go back to them later.

How to get straight A’s

  • Know what’s going to be in the class beforehand. Read your PowerPoints, textbooks, or do some online research before the class.

  • Read your notes at least three hours after the class.

  • Help your classmates.

  • Find your learning times, your brain learns best at certain times of the day.

  • Actively motivate yourself.


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