Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tragedy! Winamp no longer default media player

A couple of weeks ago I tried out Podcasting, I got hooked. I was using iPodder to receive my podcasts but it was giving me too many errors. So I decided to download iTunes, and it has been surprisingly good. It has certainly exceeded the expectations that were laid down by QuickTime. It shows how good free software (as in no cost) can be, when it has a decent revenue model.

ITunes was so good it became my default. So now, for the first time in many, many years, Winamp is no longer my default mp3 player. I had to face it, the reason I loved Winamp was because the second version was such a finely tuned, lightweight program. Winamp 2 was the best thing since sliced bread, Winamp 3 was pretty revolutionary (even though it was a hog), but Winamp 5 seems to be going downhill, its been taking far too long to load lately. The only reason I was using Winamp was because of nostalgia, and because Winamp had crossfading.

It feels like it was a century ago when Winamp was the most popular thing on the net, next to WinZip of course. But things have changed, at both Download.com and Tucows, RealPlayer is the most popular audio player! Who would've thought! RealPlayer, who peeved the entire internet with their proprietary format, top of the download game at the verge of the internet media revolution.


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