Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New Google Desktop Sidebar

When Google Desktop Search first came out, it was definitely better then Microsoft's offering, the clunky search that came with Windows. But then Microsoft released MSN desktop search, which kicked ass because it provided a quick way to find what you want. Googles offering ran inside a web browser, not quick enough for me.

MSN desktop search didn't just limit desktop search to a way of finding documents, it allowed the user to type in 'ph', then click a link and bam, you've opened up Photoshop. Much easier and quicker than looking through an ever expanding start menu.

The new Desktop Search from Google not only has a 'quick search' so that you can find stuff quickly, it has a toolbar, much like the toolbar that's going to be in Windows Vista (Longhorn). Not only can the Google toolbar receive RSS feeds so you can see updates from your favourite sites, it can pick up on feeds from pages you visit, so that you can know when your almost favourite sites are being updated.

Like most of Googles' releases lately, it almost invades on privacy. I am now on the verge of being scare about how much my computer knows about me. The product has a 'Timeline' that I'm sure wasn't there before, it allows me (or anyone else using my computer) to see what websites, appointments, tasks, programs I was using on a certain date, and what time I used them. Lucky I trust my flatmates, or I'd be using the Windows+L key-combination whenever I leave my computer unattended.


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