Monday, August 29, 2005

Only in America

"In my mind a big ass truck is not complete without a nice set of bumper nuts
hanging off the hitch." -

Tech Ed Student Day 05

Tech ed student day was really good, there were about 700 people there and some really good speakers. Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos because the lights were too dim for my PDA's camera, but I did find some on Sean McBreen's weblog.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google Talk

This new service from Google, appropriately named Google Talk, is an Instant Messaging system. SearchEngineWatch was dissapointed that the software didn't have Googles' usual innovation, so was I.

The article talked about how the software didn't have most of the features that the current offerings do. However, it does have something many other instant messaging services don't, open communication. Google Talk uses the Jabber/XMPP protocol, which means you can contact people on any client that supports the service, they also plan to add other protocols. Hopefully this will force MSN Messenger and others to open up their system to let other Instant Messaging programs talk to one another.

Tech Ed Student Day

"If Pacman had affected us as kids we'd be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music."
  • A T-Shirt

I’ll be attending Tech Ed Student Day tomorrow, I can’t wait. It’s at Sky City Theatre, so there should be some really good food. I’m really looking forward to all the technical sessions:

  • Creating Wealth with the .NET Platform

  • Games Development with XNA

  • Mobile.NET

  • Indigo Architecture

  • The Power of Blogging

  • SQL 2005

But I especially look forward to the robot competition; I’ll take some photos and post them to the Blog if I’m allowed. The major event will be the ‘Ask the Industry’ session, and I’ll have to think up some really good questions for that.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blogger for word

I have just installed Blogger for Word, and I’m testing it right now. This should give me the following benefits:
  • Better formatting.

  • Grammar check and a New Zealand spell checker.

  • The ability to easily write blog posts on my Pocket PC

Attack of the spambots

My blog has been attacked by a spambot!!! I'll delete any spam I see on the site.

Don't click on the website of any comments like this:

Hey, great blog! Keep it up so I got somthing to waste my time on! ;-)

I just got done putting the finishing touches to a new website about: XXXXXXX. It's got some

great information about XXXXXX.

You should check it out sometime when you get time. :-)

Gmail Invites Available

Would you like access to the bet email service on the net? Reply to this post and I'll send you an invite.

Tragedy! Winamp no longer default media player

A couple of weeks ago I tried out Podcasting, I got hooked. I was using iPodder to receive my podcasts but it was giving me too many errors. So I decided to download iTunes, and it has been surprisingly good. It has certainly exceeded the expectations that were laid down by QuickTime. It shows how good free software (as in no cost) can be, when it has a decent revenue model.

ITunes was so good it became my default. So now, for the first time in many, many years, Winamp is no longer my default mp3 player. I had to face it, the reason I loved Winamp was because the second version was such a finely tuned, lightweight program. Winamp 2 was the best thing since sliced bread, Winamp 3 was pretty revolutionary (even though it was a hog), but Winamp 5 seems to be going downhill, its been taking far too long to load lately. The only reason I was using Winamp was because of nostalgia, and because Winamp had crossfading.

It feels like it was a century ago when Winamp was the most popular thing on the net, next to WinZip of course. But things have changed, at both and Tucows, RealPlayer is the most popular audio player! Who would've thought! RealPlayer, who peeved the entire internet with their proprietary format, top of the download game at the verge of the internet media revolution.

New Google Desktop Sidebar

When Google Desktop Search first came out, it was definitely better then Microsoft's offering, the clunky search that came with Windows. But then Microsoft released MSN desktop search, which kicked ass because it provided a quick way to find what you want. Googles offering ran inside a web browser, not quick enough for me.

MSN desktop search didn't just limit desktop search to a way of finding documents, it allowed the user to type in 'ph', then click a link and bam, you've opened up Photoshop. Much easier and quicker than looking through an ever expanding start menu.

The new Desktop Search from Google not only has a 'quick search' so that you can find stuff quickly, it has a toolbar, much like the toolbar that's going to be in Windows Vista (Longhorn). Not only can the Google toolbar receive RSS feeds so you can see updates from your favourite sites, it can pick up on feeds from pages you visit, so that you can know when your almost favourite sites are being updated.

Like most of Googles' releases lately, it almost invades on privacy. I am now on the verge of being scare about how much my computer knows about me. The product has a 'Timeline' that I'm sure wasn't there before, it allows me (or anyone else using my computer) to see what websites, appointments, tasks, programs I was using on a certain date, and what time I used them. Lucky I trust my flatmates, or I'd be using the Windows+L key-combination whenever I leave my computer unattended.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Linux for supervillans

This animation from ubergeek describes how supervillans love the flexibility of linux. It's 3 years old and still going strong, it just got Slashdotted.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I != geek

Check out this groovy as T-shirt, I found it on Froogle after doing the geek test, i scored 16.37081%, not bad aye?

Geekish Tendencies................................≥09%
++ Geek.............................................≥15%
+++ Total Geek......................................≥25%
++++ Major Geek.....................................≥35%
+++++ Super Geek....................................≥45%
++++++ Extreme Geek.................................≥55%
+++++++ Geek God....................................≥65%
+++++++! Dysfunctional Geek.........................≥75%

According to Wikipedia "A geek is a person who is fascinated, perhaps obsessively, by obscure or very specific areas of knowledge and imagination." which describes me to a tea. A geek is very different to a nerd, which Wikipedia describes as "socially-awkward people of above-average intelligence whose interests (often in science and mathematics) are not shared by mainstream society."

Google This!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


"We all have at least two sides. The world we live in is a world of opposites. And the trick is to reconcile those opposing things. I've always liked both sides. In order to appreciate one you have to know the other. The more darkness you can gather up, the more light you can see too." -- David Lynch

I've been reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, two words, brilliant and facinating. Much like the Da Vinci Code, it's full of interesting facts. The book introduced me to anti-matter, which is described by this site as "a fundamental particle of regular matter with its electrical charge reversed".

Brown also mentions the seal on the US one dollar bill. The pyramid supposed to represent "convergence toward the ultimate source of Illumination" according to this interview with Dan Brown (spoiler). In the book, Novus Ordo Seclorum was retranslated to mean "new world order" instead of "new order of the ages". If you ask me, "new order of the ages" is just as scary.

The book is a fantastic mix of fact and fiction and I would reccomend it to anyone who enjoys a good read. A warning though, this book is incredibly hard to put down.

Google does evil

The entire tech world is re-thinking how much they should trust Google, thanks to this article from It says that Google collects too much information on its users, to prove this point the author compiled personal information on Google CEO Eric Schmit. The ironic thing was that all this information was found on Google.

The article said that under a warrant the US police may be able to get unprecedented amounts of information through Google. But that's not what's making the tech community look twice, Googles reaction to the article is making the tech community question the companies 'Do no evil' motto. As stated in this montly fool article, Google will no longer give press releases to Cnet. Go to your room Cnet and don't come out until July 2006.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Other site with the same name

This blog is in no way connect to the following website: - a collection of motorsports memorabilia, collectors diecast and volkswagens of all shapes and sizes, assembled by Peak District motorsport enthusiast Jeff McCullough - aided and assisted by his 13 year old daughter, Jessie.

US daylight saving change

The US are changing their daylight savings dates. President Bush is signing a bill that would start daylight time three weeks earlier and end it a week later.

This is going to cause chaos, but on the bright side, it will force alot of people to upgrade their electronic equiptment. How many people will give up in frustration when they realise that they will have to change the clock on their VCR (up to) four times every year. How many Americans will switch to TiVo?.

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Balmer Video

This video is genius, it shows Steve Balmer chanting "developer, developer, developer!" It was directed by James Carusone and is backed by the track "Monkey Developers" by Digital Droo.

To view the lyrics, click here.

Steve Balmer is the CEO of Microsoft, he took over this role when Bill Gates stepped down 2000 and is known for dancing, screaming and generally acting like an idiot on stage. The video takes footage from this video which shows Balmer dancing around at an employee convention.

View this wikipedia article for more information on Balmer.

I find it interesting that google advertises compeditor map services in the google ads, especially in an article about their services.
This is my first post of my first blog. The blog will contain tutorials on computer related topics like .NET programming, linux shell scripting, VBA programming, and general software stuff. There will be audio blogs, there will be screenshots, there will be crazy stuff I see on the internet.